Monday, October 31, 2016

So, here's a little bit more about my new area. Colón is near the very center of the city, and it's a very wealthy. It's a little bit harder to find interested people, but there are also some nice perks. For example, our house is sweet. We live on the third floor of  a member's house, it's big, and- most importantly- it has a large balcony that overlooks all of Cochabamba. Not bad haha.
Hna. Campana is my new companion, and she's realy cool. She's from Paris, California, but her parents are both from Mexico so she's fluent in both Spanish and English. So I'm more or less with my first gringa companion!
We worked extrememly hard this week. There aren't so many investigators, so we've been contacting a lot, and we've seen results very quickly. My first night we found a reference, and she's someone who is very prepared for the Gospel. She's read every thing we've left her, and she's already starting to get answers to her prayers. I think she will be baptized very quickly if she makes it to church these next few weeks. We have also had some very powerful lessons with other investigators and less actives, and overall I've been able to feel the Spirit very closely.
The only downside that I maybe see, is that the ward doesn't trust the missionaries very much. I'm not sure, but my comp and I's goal is to change that. We taught Sunday School yesterday, and we've visited a few members to ask for references, and I think we're making progress.
When I tell people that I now have 15 months in the mission, some of them ask if I'm trunky, which is funny because this was seriously the least trunky week I've ever had haha. It's so much fun to be a missionary, and it's so easy to forget about yourself while you are working.
I'm glad you guys had a fun week, and I hope you know that I love you all!
Hna. Rupp

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