Monday, April 25, 2016

Hey!! Sorry, this is going to be super short, but I'll try to at least send some photos right now.
The most important think that I have to share this week is that I've been thinking  a lot about the importance of good thoughts. I've realized that I'm giving my time and my energy to this work, but If I'm not willing to consecrate my thoughts and my full attention, I'm not giving enough. I may be doing an elevated work, but if I can't elevate my train of thoughts, I'm only changing my behavior, not my nature.
So that is my goal for the rest of my mission, and I invite you all to think about what you let enter into your mind; and if it isn't what should be, try ponderizing or singing a hymn.
I love you all and promise that I'll write more next week!!
Love Hermana Rupp

Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm on early today because Hermana Balderrama and I decided to go visit our old areas, and we figured we better write first so we won't be so rushed. 
This week was pretty good. Our investigator is still scheduled to be baptized the 30th.  It wasn't quite so hot, and we found some people that seem to have potential. We usually have a lot of appointments planned, but when we go to visit they aren't there or they bail. So, we've been knocking doors a lot, which is fun. Actually it is pretty funny, because you get to see all kinds of people and get to hear all kinds of excuses haha. And when they actually let you in or tell you can come back, it's the best. 
I also hit the 9 month mark!! Half way. Time goes super fast and it's kind of scary.
At the beginning of my mission, lots of missionaries told me that after some time in the mission, you kinda just run out of things to write home. And it's true haha. Sorry :) It's not that I don't want to write a lot more, it's just that I literally can't think of anyting else...
But next week I should have more news because we get to go to the Temple and have Zone Conference, which I'm super excited for! We were supposed to go last week but they blocked off parts of the city, so they had to postpone it. So you can blame it on that if this email isn't so exciting :)
Hope you have an awesome week! I liked all the pictures. Love you!!
Hermana Rupp

P.S. Our zone is going to visit a jungle next monday and I figure we'll get back in time to write, but if not, don't worry I'm not dead :)
I also got your package! Thank you so much!! My comp and I have already eaten 2 of the bags of candy haha.
On May 8th we can skype!!!! What time works best for you guys?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hey! How's it going?
Not a whole much to report this week. Nobody in handcuffs, though, so that was good :)
We're still working with the 11 year old who was supposed to be baptized last month, and I have hope that his baptism will go through at the end of this month. We also have one other investigator who accepted a baptismal date, but she's really bad about coming to Church, so we'll have to see...
The weather is super weird here. It will be super hot during the afternoon, and then out of nowhere a huge rainstorm will come and we'll end up soaking wet. And then it'll pass, but it stays cold after. It's just weird haha and my comp and I have no idea what to wear each morning. They say that winter should be starting soon, so I hope it just stays chilly from now on, because it's a lot easier to walk around in.
Other than that, my comp and I are just working hard and I'm doing what I can to be a better missionary. I'm so tired, but also so happy! I'm grateful for the time I have to be a missionary, and I'm trying to work and use every minute to the fullest. Thanks for all the prayers and the support! I love you all!
Love, Hermana Rupp

We call my comp "hna bucket-branch" because that's the translation of her name in english. 2 elders even ordered her a plaque (no idea if that's spelled correctly, cant remember haha) and everything

Monday, April 4, 2016

This was a cool week. Our zone got to do a service project with President Hansen where we unloaded storage containers with stuff for hospitals.
We were teaching one 11 year old kid and when we finished the lesson, he ran to his room and brought out some handcuffs. He was playing with them, and I just figured they were the toy ones. Afterward he wanted us to try, so my comp put them on one wrist and then was like, "Now what. How do I take them off?" Turns our that the boy plays with them all the time because his wrists are small enough to slide in and out, and he wasn't thinking at all when he gave them to my comp. He had no key, and his dad, a police officer, was out of town for the whole week. We searched their house for like half an hour and went to 2 police stations to look for a key, but no luck. In total, my comp had them on for over 2 hours haha. I couldn't stop laughing at first but it got pretty old after an hour so. Finally a guy (who also couldn't stop cracking up) used a nail to somehow open them.
On a completely different note, this weekend was great. A hermana who can barely speak Spanish came to stay in our area so she could watch in English, and my comp went to her area, which was kind of fun.
And Conference was just so powerful. I wrote down three questions I had before, and every single one of them was answered in the first session. And the Spirit is always so strong during Conference. I am so grateful for our living day prophet and that we have such inspired men to lead and guide us, and to help understand our Heavenly Father's will. The Church is so true!!
Have an awesome week. Love and miss you all!!
Hermana Rupp