Monday, December 19, 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I'm not gonna go into a whole lot of details because I'm gonna talk to you guys in 6 DAYS, but Hna. Pastillo and I doing really well! We're in full Christmas mode haha. We're working really hard, and we just laugh and laugh together.
I have to send photos and a ton of family info to the offices and it's taking a lot longer than what I though, so I'm just gonna try and send more photos to you guys, and I'll give you an update sunday!
when do you guys want to do skype?? i'm thinking around 3 or 4 here, but i cant remember what time that is at home... if i dont hear from you guys in time, i'll go with that :)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hey family!
Sorry about last week, but it was insanity trying to get the house all ready and packing all of our stuff.
So my new area is the about 10 minutes from the old one, and I like it a lot! It's called Cobija, and it's in the center of the city. Their are a lot of business and fewer houses, but it seems to me that the ward is very willing to help us out. We'll have to work a little to gain their confidence, but we've been visiting members when appointments fall through, and I think it's working.
My new comp, Hna. Pastillo, is also awesome. We work hard and we laugh a ton. She's still getting the hang of how the mission works, but she really wants to do what's right, and I admire her a lot. I think we'll have a great transfer together!
Nargila was also baptized on Saturday! Hna. Campana and I were able to go to her baptism, and it was really beautiful. She gave her testimony at the end, and it was POWERFUL. It made me feel very grateful to have been in Colon. She's going back to Brazil this week, so today we ate lunch together so I could say bye.
Last week Elder Falabella came to visit our mission, and he taught us so many things that I'm very anxious to start applying in out area. But, most of all, I loved that he spoke about the Atonement and all that the Savior has done for us. I don't have time to put write it out, but he spoke of it in a way that you don't hear very often, and it was very poweful.
These past few weeks I've thought a lot about if I've made progress during my time here in the mission, and I think that the love I feel for my Savior and Redeemer is worth more than anything else that I could've gained. Because after all is said and done, what could be more important? I could do all the right things and know all the doctrine, but if I have not come to love my Heavenly Father and His Son, I haven't arrived to were I need to be. I still don't feel like I love Him as I should, but it is my goal to get closer. Not only during my last transfer here, but throughout all of my life.
I'm glad to hear that you had a great week. I love you guys!
Hna. Rupp

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hey guys! I don't have a lot of time today because we've got a ton to do, so this we'll be shorter than normal.
Hna. Campana and I both got transferred! The Elders in our ward will be covering our half of the area now, and I'm going to Cobija. It's another part of Cochabamba (I think it's still the center), and I'll be finishing the training of an hermana from Ecuador. Her name's hermana Pastillo, and I bumped into her today. I think she'll be super cool.
Hna. Campana and I have to go clean up all of our house (and to make things worst, the owners are on vacation), pack, and get everything ready so that the Elders can find our investigators.
I love you guys a lot and will try to send pictures/write more in a little bit!
Hna. Rupp