Monday, November 7, 2016


What did you guys to for Halloween? You'll also have to let me know how elections go!  My comp and I realized this morning that tomorrow there are elections. I think I'll be staying in Bolivia.

This week had some ups and downs, but it still was great. I'm doing fine! My companion and I walk a ton and we're trying to find new people, which is very tiring, but we have had some very cool experiences. I think she sometimes thinks I make up rules though haha, because she's new and when I say we can't do certain things she just looks at me like I'm a buzzkill. But, other than that we get along really well, and we work hard. I think we'll see a lot of miracles this transfer.

We have one investigator who is seriously golden. She reads every chapter we leave her, and she says she feels so much peace when she prays, and she notices a big difference lately. She had a baptismal date, but right before we went to go visit her Saturday she sent us a text telling us not to come anymore. We decided to go anyway, and she let us in, but wouldn't change her mind. We talked for at least a half hour and answered all of her questions, but she just kept saying she had too many doubts. I think there could be something else because she has always acted so differently. Either way, we pretty much lost our best investigator. However, the Lord has put other people in our path and, although we were really sad after our lesson with her, I think she'll accept the gospel later on.

What I love about the mission is that you can have a really hard hour or two, but as soon as you start to teach someone else, you feel good again! After talking to her we visited an inactive family with a lot of problems, and we had a great lesson. The mother and one of the daughters drink a lot, but we made a plan with the Dad and his other 2 children to help them come to church. And they came through! The daughter also goes with us on visits, and I think little by little the whole family can get back to church.

Overall, it was a great week! We continue to see lots of tender mercies, and we sleep very well at night haha.

I love you all, and I hope you're doing well!

Hna. Rupp

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