Monday, October 10, 2016

Hna. Rosillo's birthday is the 8th, which was fun because we could basically celebrate together. Hna. Cabarcas brought a cake to our zone meeting Tuesday, and on Sunday a woman in our ward did the same. The only problem was that it was fast Sunday for us, so we just saved a slice for later. Here, they always shove your face when you go to take abite, so maybe it was a tender mercy that we couldn't eat it haha. Overall it was a good birthday, and I hope you guys enjoyed the cake at home as well :)
A lot of our appointments fell through this week, but we still managed to get a lot done, and we found a lot of people with potential. I also could see that the Lord puts us where He needs us. I was on interchanges with another Hermana, Hna. Christensen, and as we waited outside the house for our companions to arrive, a girl passed by sobbing. We ran after her and asked what had happened. I think she had been drinking because she smelled very strongly of alcohol, but she responded very clearly and told us that her mother had taken away her son and kicked her out of the house because she wouldn't stop drinking. She told us she had no idea what to do, and that she wanted to kill herself. We talked with her for a while, calmed her down, and explained that because of the Atonement she could turn her life around. She accepted an appointment, but even if we can't ever find her again, I feel that maybe the talk we had was just what she needed in that moment. She was smiling when she left, so I hope so.
Life is good here in Sucre. It rains all the time now and there is a lot of mud in our area, but I like it. I can honestly say that the best way to find happiness it to do the Lord's work.
Have an awesome week, and thanks for all the birthday wishes!! I really appreciate it. Love you guys!
Hna. Rupp

Sorry I only have one picture, my comp's USB with all the pictures doesn't work on this computer

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