Monday, September 5, 2016

This was a solid week. Well, we have to postpone our baptism planned for this week so our investigator's children can come, which was disappointing, but she'll be baptized soon so I guess that's the most important. 
We were on our way to an appointment, and we passed by a football field where they were just finishing up a tournament. They were in the middle of the award ceremony and there was a group of people, so we stopped to take a look. And the prize they were giving out was awesome haha. They gave a sheep to the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd place teams, and to the champions, they gave a bull. A BULL. What the heck are a group of teenagers gonna do with a bull haha? Sell it, I suppose because I doubt they know how to do anything else with it. My comp and I were cracking up. 
This past weekend and the next one there is also a festival for the virgen Guadalupe. Friday and Saturday area gonna be crazy because everyone is going to be dancing in the parade for her, or watching. And drinking. Should be interesting. They started a little bit yesterday so my comp and I took some pictures as we passed by. Their dances are pretty cool.
I hope you have an awesome week. I love you!!
Hna. Rupp

My comp and I were messing around with some headphones we have in our house haha. DJ RUPP

The picture of the little boy with his bike is probably one of my favorite pictures I've taken here. 

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  1. Shanna!! I finally got a chance to catch up with your mission adventures. It sounds that you are really enjoying your time serving the Lord. It makes me really happy how you are loving and gaining understanding for the people of Bolivia. Keep up the good work Shanna, you are a Rupp and should be very proud of that, more than anything you are a chosen daughter of God and he is there with you. You will be blessed!! Love you Shanna