Monday, February 29, 2016

How's it going!? We're all good here in Villa Graciela ll. Hermana Balderrama and I had a solid week, and two of our investigator's accepted baptismal dates! We work well together, and we go to bed super tired every night, which is a good thing.
It was funny because we were teaching a family where the Dad's less active, and he was showing us pictures of his baptism. He was talking and he's says, "And here's Elder Bednar, the elder who baptized me. He and his Dad came to our house to visit us last year." My comp and I were like " What!? Are you serious? Elder Bednar came here to your house?" And he really did, the Dad has pictures and everything. It's just sort of ironic because my comp and I thought it as so cool, and they didn't even know that it was an Apostle who came to their house. They just thought it was weird that he had security with him haha.
It was sad to hear that Mamita, and older woman that we visited all the time in Tiquipaya (I think I sent pictures) passed away this past week. The week after I left Hna Lopardo called me so I could talk to them in the hospital, so at least I could speak with them a little.
Overall, I'm grateful for the plan that God has for us, and the hope and peace that comes when we understand our purpose here. We visited a lot of inactive families this week, and it's sad to see what happens when people lose perspective of what God wants for them. However, I am grateful that I'm here in Bolivia, and I can help these people come to know the plan and the love that our Savior has for them!
Glad to hear you had a good week! Love you all!!
Hermana Rupp

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