Monday, February 15, 2016

My first week in Villa Graciela II has been good. I knew that it would be difficult to leave Tiquipaya, especially after so much time there, so I prayed really hard that I could adjust quickly here. And I can definitely see that that prayer was answered. Our first day here I felt so good. There were some rough moments, but I felt comfortable and excited with each person we met. It also helps that I can speak Spanish, so it isn't nearly as hard as when I arrived inTiquipaya haha.
I'm really impressed with the ward here. The members really help us. Especially the Bishop. We get a lot of references, and the people are very willing to go with us to visit them.
For example, yesterday a member brought a girl who is living in her home to Church. She has no family other than her baby (she's only 16), which is sad, but I think she's really prepared. She said we could come by after church, and the first lesson went really well.
We have a couple other investigators that are really good, such as one boy who is waiting for permission from his Dad to be baptized, but the problem is we are lacking in quantity. We need more people to teach, and I think we've got to work a little harder to find them. But, overall, I'm excited to be here! The area has got a lot of potential, my companion is nice, and life is good.
I hope you are all doing great! Love hearing from you. Love you all!
Hermana Rupp

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