Monday, February 22, 2016

This was a good week. Hermana Balderrama and I worked super hard, and we saw results. If there's one thing that I've learned in the mission, there's nothing that work doesn't cure. Even if you walk all day and no one wants to listen you, you can at least go to bed knowing that you're doing what you're supposed to, and that you can qualify for all the blessings the Lord has for you and your area.
Luckily, people- or at least some of them haha- wanted to listen to us. We found some great investigators that have a lot of potential. And the girl who has a baby and went to Church last week, is progressing super well. She's actually reading her Book of Mormon! Not much to report, but overall I really like Villa Graciela. I'm super glad to be here, and I know that we're gonna have a good transfer.
Have an awesome week. Send my love especially to the Cotto family. Love you all!
Hermana Rupp

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  1. Dear Shanna:

    It was nice to hear from you, please tell your investigators that is so good to know the Gospel, to embrace it with all their heart because at times like this, it can really help you and that if we strive to be covenant keeping people. We will be with our families forever with no more pains and sorrows. I am glad that you are doing a little better in your mission. Enjoy it! Before you know, you will be coming home and when that time comes, you want to have the conviction that you did your Best.

    Love you Shanna and I know that the Lord will help you even in the most difficult ��moments.