Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!
This was an... interesting week. Hna Campana and I walked and walked, and then walked some more. One day we knocked on so many doors and by the end, only one person said we could come back. Woohoo! But, the good news is that in the following days we found some more people who were receptive :)
We also have one big consolation, the Brazilian that we found a few weeks ago, and she's super excited for her baptism. If you saw her Book of Mormon, you would be amazed because she has so many sticky notes and markings, and she looks up all the footnotes in the Bible. I love it! She's very prepared. Basically everytime someone closes the door in our face,we just look at each other and say, "well, at least we've got her" haha.
Two weeks ago- and sorry if I already may have mentioned this- Hugo Montoya also happened to come to our Sacrament meeting. It was fast and testimony meeting, but they still gave him time to talk at the end, and it was really cool. He talked about a man who had a very hard life, but whenever someone asked how he was doing he would always respond, "Extremely well, couldn't be better!" The Spirit was very strong, and I'm grateful he happened to be in our ward.
Have a great Thanksgiving!! I'm gonna try and find pumpkin pie here so we can celebrate too. I love you guys!
Hna. Rupp

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  1. Love you Shanna, thank you for your service. You will be blessed.