Monday, November 14, 2016

Hna. Campana and I are doing really well. The last week was sad because we lost one of our best investigators, but now we have someone even better! She is here in Bolivia studying medicine. We found her contacting in the street, and we've been teaching her for two weeks. She has a baptismal date, came to church, and has been reading a lot of the Book Of Mormon. I'm really excited for her.

I got an answer to prayer that made me laugh. We were on a bus, and my companion and I sat apart so that we could contact. However, when I took a good look at the 30ish year old woman next to me, I totally started to chicken out. I generally don't get nervous about talking to people, but she genuinely looked scary and she was busy on her phone. So, I said a prayer to help find a way to talk to her, and, as soon as I said amen, the bus driver slammed on his brakes to avoid another car, and everyone in the bus almost fell out of their seats haha. The woman obviously got distracted from her phone, and we both made a few jokes about bus drivers. We then had a great conversation, and she told me a lot of her life and the churches she's been to. The Lord answers prayers. Maybe not in the way you expected, but he does.

A less fun experience was that yesterday we were knocking doors, and I stood close to an anthill, but didn't realize until two climbed up my legs and bit me. And they were HUGE. They stung like crazy, and one bite even drew blood. Obviously not a lot, but more than you would ever expect from an ant. I was impressed :)

Today we went to Incachaca, a jungle 3 hours from Cochabamba, which is super pretty. I think I sent a lot of photos when I went earlier in the year, and this computer is really slow, but I'll still try to send as many as a I can.

The little house looks awesome, and I can't deny that thoughts of you guys and the beach are a little more frequent haha. But, I love the time that I have in the mission, and I am determined to work hard until the end. Also, 2 months isn't enough time to still learn what I need to :)

Anyway, have a great week! Thanks for everything!

Hna. Rupp

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