Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This was a great week.
First off, R got baptized!! He's got a very strong testimony, and he will be a very firm member. He has a 2 year old son, and it was a tender mercy that the little boy's mother happened to bring him for the week, and asked R to take care of him. That way his son was able to come to his baptism. His family doesn't support him very much, but gratefully a lot of people from our ward came to his baptism.
We also had zone conference! There were supposed to be blockades, but they only lasted a day or two, so our President and his wife made it to Sucre fine. Because of all this we were a little short on proselyting time this week, but we worked crazy hard, and managed to make it to all of our appointments and then some.
We also found some great new families, one of which came to church. Well, a few of the members of the family, anyway.
Last night we went to visit one of these families, and we got to the door, we found their 17 year old son who was just getting home. His mother told us that he often will leave without saying anything and go to drink with his friends. We began to talk to him and rather than finding a very rebellious teenager, as I expected, we found a very sad young man who wants to change. We had avery spiritual lesson, and I have a lot of hope that he will change.
I love you guys!!
Hermana Rupp

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