Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!
Although our investigator didn't get baptized, and we're leaning towards reteaching the lessons before we put another baptismal date, this was a solid week.
Last Sunday we decided to look for an old investigator, so we went to her house before Church started. She and her son ended up coming, and it turns out that our pensionista (who got baptized in August) is her cousin. We had a lesson with all of their family together, and it was super powerful. I think that it may take a while, but she and her son will get baptized.
We also found another family while knocking doors, and they also came to Church yesterday.
Overall, we're finding a lot of new people who have a lot of potencial. Hermana Balderrama and I are super excited.
We got to go the mission home to watch the Women's General Conference which was great. I'm also super, super excited for Conference this weekend. We'll watch it in our Church building with our ward.
Have an awesome week and thanks for all the emails and prayers!
Love Hermana Rupp

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  1. Shanna!! So happy to read your posts, I am happy to see how good of an experience you are having. I think, I said this before but think that the people of Bolivia are very lucky and you will be blessed for your service. So tell me what you find interesting, surprising or different in Bolivia? Love to see your pictures, and I really hope that the new members stay faithful and continue to learn. I have to tell you that during Easter break we went to Provo and visited one of the missionaries that baptized our family and we even did some temple work for his family, how amazing is that, being that he is a convert and the only member of his family. God bless you, Shanna