Monday, April 11, 2016

Hey! How's it going?
Not a whole much to report this week. Nobody in handcuffs, though, so that was good :)
We're still working with the 11 year old who was supposed to be baptized last month, and I have hope that his baptism will go through at the end of this month. We also have one other investigator who accepted a baptismal date, but she's really bad about coming to Church, so we'll have to see...
The weather is super weird here. It will be super hot during the afternoon, and then out of nowhere a huge rainstorm will come and we'll end up soaking wet. And then it'll pass, but it stays cold after. It's just weird haha and my comp and I have no idea what to wear each morning. They say that winter should be starting soon, so I hope it just stays chilly from now on, because it's a lot easier to walk around in.
Other than that, my comp and I are just working hard and I'm doing what I can to be a better missionary. I'm so tired, but also so happy! I'm grateful for the time I have to be a missionary, and I'm trying to work and use every minute to the fullest. Thanks for all the prayers and the support! I love you all!
Love, Hermana Rupp

We call my comp "hna bucket-branch" because that's the translation of her name in english. 2 elders even ordered her a plaque (no idea if that's spelled correctly, cant remember haha) and everything

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