Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!!

¡Familia Mia!
It was so good to see and talk to you all on Christmas! It was probably the shortest 40 minutes I've ever experienced. Needless to say, I'm excited for Mother's Day haha.
Since we just spoke a few days ago,I don't have a whole lot to report this week expect that I'm staying in Tiquipaya with Hermana Lopardo! I didn't think I would be her for another transfer, but I'm really excited. I truly love Tiquipaya and the people here.
These past few weeks, I honestly haven't felt like a very qualified missionary. Maybe it's been the lack of people progressing, or just the feeling that I'm not doing enough, or I don't know. Either way, I just didn't feel like a good missionary.
But, I was reading the Conference talk by Larry L. Lawrence, "What Lack I Yet?" (i think this is the title, I was reading it in Spanish haha), and I felt very impressed with what he said about starting where we are. To the Lord, "our direction is ever more important that our speed." Although I lack a lot, the important part is what I try to do each day to improve and become more like Him. Before I felt discouraged, but after I truly felt hope and encouragement that I could become better. And I know that this opportunity to change is a blessing that comes from the Savior's sacrifice for us.
I would encourage each of you to ask our Heavenly Father how you can improve, and then be humble enough to listen and to change. I know that each one of us can become a little better, and that it's never too late too start!
I love you all and hope you have a great New Year! Thanks for everything!
Love Hermana Rupp

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