Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween! Bolivians don´t really do much for Halloween (some of the kids dress up and give out candy in the plaza), but today is Todos Santos, which is similar to Dia de Los Muertos. They all go to the cemetery and leave bread and flowers on the graves of their family members. And that´s about it.
It´s funny because almost every weekend here in Tiqupaya, there´s some kind of festival or party. But. when there´s an actual holiday, they don´t do a whole lot.
I feel comfortable with my Spanish, but sometimes it´s a little hard to understand when someone makes a joke, simply because it´s usually a word I don´t know. So i think I sometimes come off a little boring because sometimes I just laugh and don´t know how to respond haha. Oh well, it´s all coming along.
We got to go to the Temple two weeks ago as missionaries, and as well with two recent converts this past week. They didn´t have enough people to do baptisms so we ended up walking around outside for a little while, but it was still awesome. I wish we could go more often.
Overall, this week has been really good. We worked hard, and I truly feel content and happy here as a missionary. I know without a doubt that God loves us and answers our prayers. I love this Gospel and I´m grateful for all of you and continued support.
Love Hermana Rupp

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  1. Sister Rupp.. I'm glad you were able to go to the temple. We love your pictures and your enthusiasm for missionary work. We are so proud of you and hope you continue to feel happiness and contentment in the great work you are doing!