Monday, November 23, 2015

This week can best be summed up by saying that I have a firm testimony of "forget yourself and go to work."
The week started out rough. On the verge of tears rough. My trainer left, I felt completely inadequate, and despite all the logical reasons why I shouldn't be nervous, I just felt sick.
Hermana Cabarcas left Tuesday morning, and my new companion, Hermana Lopardo, and I, arrived in Tiquipaya early that afternoon. That whole morning I had just felt sort of depressed, but when we went to our first appointment, all the negative feelings just went away. It was such a miracle:) Later that night and the next morning they started to return, but, once again, we went to our first lesson and I felt great. I love the people here so much, but I don't think I truly realized how much until this week.
Hna. Lopardo is super cool. Obedient, hard worker, and has got a definite sense of humor. We get along great and I'm really excited for this transfer.
Yesterday we had one of the best lessons of my mission thus far. We went to visit a man we had contacted the day before and, like usual, he said he didn't have time. So we left and were almost to the end of the street when he came back out of his house and asked us to come back. So we returned and taught his family and him about the Restoration. They were all super attentive and had perfect questions. They have crazy potential and I'm so excited for our next appointment.
I love being a missionary and there is so much joy in sharing the Gospel.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
Love Hermana Rupp

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