Monday, November 16, 2015

So we have transfers tommorrow morning, and I´m staying in Tiquipaya, but Hermana Cabarcas is leaving for Potosi. I don´t know much about my new comp, so I´ll let ya know next week :)
We have a lot of really great investigators, and I definitely feel a weight of responsibility to help them progress. Frankly, I feel really inadequate, but luckily I don´t have to do it alone. In fact, if I try to do it alone, I´m doing it wrong. I´m very grateful this is the Lord´s work, and I can have full confidence that He´ll help it progress. I just need to be an instrument through which He can work. I´m trying to become that.
I´m constantly impressed and humbled by the poeple here. We went to visit a convert of three years the other day, and she has practically nothing. She has barely any money, and doesn´t always know what she´ll eat for that day. However when we entered her house, she had hymns playing in the background and she had been reading an old Liahona from 2013. I could feel the Spirit so strongly in her little home, and I´m so impressed with her. I know that she has so many challenges in her life, but she still continues to do what she should. I wish that all could have her faith and conviction, including myself.
That being said, I think about the things I did at home, and whether or not they invited the Spirit. A lot of times they didn´t. So I would challenge all of you to think throughout this week if what you are doing is something that can invite the Spirit to dwell or not. If not, fix it.
I know this is the Lord´s work, and I´m grateful to be here in Bolivia. Thanks for all the great examples. Love you!
Hermana Rupp

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  1. Hi Dear Shanna, your smile is touching, I know that at times it must be so hard, missing home and all that but I know that this experience will strengthen you for the rest of your life. I know that you are in Bolivia cause God knows your strengths and he knows there is so much love and courage in your heart to do his work. The people in Tiquipaya are very blessed to have you as a missionary in their land.