Monday, October 26, 2015

This week was pretty crazy and sort of stressful, but some of the first people that I met here were baptized and they are awesome!!  I truly love them so much, and it has been so awesome to see their progress.

Another one of our investigators also told us this week that she is getting married next week! She is literally the perfect investigator, except for that she isn´t married. For the past 2 months her goal has been to get married next year, and we have just kept telling her to continue to try to find a way to talk to her boyfriend. Now, she can probably be baptized the following week because she is more than ready. She also has a little boy, who coincidentally is named Samuel and is 3 years old . It´s no wonder that I love them :)

There was a big festival of dances with all the Stakes here in Cochabamba:

Dressed up as cholitas (what the more wealthy/older/traditional women always wear here):

This is my district. We found all these random hats, so... :

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