Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hey family!

So there´s some kinda funny rules here at the CCM. You can´t sit next to any Elders at meals, you can´t take pictures except on P-day (and they can only be outside), and you can´t send letters from here. But they´re super chill about other stuff, like not making you play half-field soccer. Some people really dislike it here and want to leave, but I like it. I genuinely enjoy being here, and I feel super grateful.
So on our first pday we left for the temple at like 6:30 in the morning, and then you get to go shopping for about 2 hours after. The Temple is about a 5 min drive away, so you walk outside of the CCM, and then catch a public bus as they pass by. Sometimes you get pretty lucky and it´s decently roomy, but other times it is insanely crowded and the motor sounds like it belongs on a lawn mower haha. The Temple has been closed for the past two weeks, which is a bummer, so we get free time until around 10, and then we go shopping. We have time do laundry, email and pretty much whatever we want until 5 that night. Leaving the CCM is super fun.
My teachers are two Peruvians, and they´re super funny.
Our latina roommates left, and they moved our trio into our own, separate room. We were super bummed we weren´t getting more, but then we realized we now have our own bathroom in our room. So it´s sad, but... the bathroom helps us cope :)
The food here is good, at least I think, but there´s not much variety. Meat, rice, and bread every single day. Almost every single meal. I eat more here than I ever have in my life, especially the bread. I think i´ve gained three pounds, but it´s a good thing. Of course, if this trend continues in the mission field I may have a problem haha.
This Saturday we get to go proselyting in Lima, and I´m way excited. I may be in Caleb´s mission, but we´ll have to see. I´ll let you know how it goes.
Overall, I love being in the MTC, and I have yet to have a bad day here. I get more out of the scriptures than I ever have before, and being here just feels so right. I´m a little stressed because I have the option of leaving my district and finishing up the last two weeks with a latino district, and I don´t know what to do. It would mean a new comp and new schedule... we´ll see.
I love you all, and have a great week.

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  1. Shanna (uhmm) Hermana Rupp, We love reading your blog. We just want to reach in the screen and give you a hug! We've had a little taste of Missionary life (nothing like you are experiencing) but we have so much admiration and respect for you for what you have taken on. By the way - you look gorgeous! Love you, Grandpa and Grandma Rupp