Wednesday, August 19, 2015


This week has been really good. I´m not really sure about my travel plans. I believe I head out either late Monday night or possibly early Tuesday morning. We don´t actually find out until Sunday night, so I´m not really sure.  I´m pretty bummed that my whole district is leaving to Chiclayo except for one Elder.

So last week when we were shopping on p-day, I placed my first Book of Mormon! Two, actually, and we talked for at least 5 minutes about the gospel. The only problem was that we don´t actually know the address for the Church, or the telephone number. So basically I ask this woman if she wants to learn more or come to Church, she says yes and asks for the address, and then I tell her I have no idea where it is haha. Sweet. ¨Wanna come to church?¨ ¨Sure.¨ ¨Great, I have no idea where it is.¨ More or less what happened haha.  I think I told her what general direction it´s in.

Anyway, I really love and miss you guys, but I´m happy to be here! The longer I´m here, the more I realize that this really isn't a sacrifice. Especially when you compare this to what others have done, like the early Saints. And especially when you think about the Savior.  No matter what I do, this doesn't even come close to repaying Him and our Heavenly Father. And this is actually going to benefit my whole life, so I´m really even more indebted than ever for this opportunity to serve. Hopefully I´m this optimistic when I leave the cushy CCM, and enter the field haha.

Love you all, hope you have a great week!

Love Hermana Rupp

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