Monday, January 11, 2016

¡Familia! I hope you guys are doing well and had a great week!
This week was awesome! The last few weeks Hermana Lopardo and I have been praying, fasting, and working hard to find investigators who are genuinely interested and will progress. This week, the Lord truly answered our prayers. On Thursday one of our investigators wasn't home, so we knocked the first door we saw, and the girl let us in and we taught about the Restoration. She has great questions and a ton of potential. We found two other people like her and also a family where the parents are less actives and their daughter wants to be baptized.
We were also teaching an investigator on Saturday night, and she invited one of her friends to listen. At the end of the lesson, we asked if we could help them with anything before we left, and they both said no. However, they both had a kind of a weird look on the faces and the Spirit told my companion and I to wait. We probably sat in silence for about a minute and a half and, although it was a little awkward, we both new we shouldn't leave yet. The friend started to cry and ended up explaining to us that she recently left her home because both her parents beat her. We explained to her how much Heavenly Father loves her, and that this Gospel will bless every aspect of her life. Both she and our investigator, who had never come to Church before, came yesterday and stayed for the full three hours.
Lately we've had one investigator come to Church every week (Jr, whose baptism is this Saturday), and my companion and I were so excited to have 4 more investigators this Sunday. Doesn't sound like much haha, but to my comp and I it was huge.
I know that the Lord answers our prayers, and that when we continue with patience He will always do His part. I love this Gospel, and I'm so grateful to be here in Bolivia.
I love you all!!
Love Hermana Rupp

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