Monday, January 2, 2017

Ali Watata Charingi!! I don't know it I spelled that right, but that's how you say Happy New Year's in Quechua! The photos were awesome, so I hoped your vacation was as awesome as it looked, and that you guys get back safely.
This week was great!
On New Year's we went up to the roof of our house and watched the fireworks. Here everyone buys them, so it's CRAZY when it hits 12. I think Shelise said it was similar on her mission.
We are finding some cool people, but in particular we have 2 that are really great. We have one who is vey excited for her baptism. She's someone that you wouldn't expect to be so prepared, but she's got a strong testominy. We are also teaching a man who is a former investigator who recently moved back to Cochabamba. He has Embolia, which means he can't use the left side of his body very well, but he still walked to church this week. He also says that when he reads his Book of Mormon, he always puts its over his leg because it takes away the pain. I always feel the Spirit very strongly when we teach him.
Anyway, those are the highlights of this week :)
Have an aweome last week of vacations!! I love you guys a lot!
Hna. Rupp

We went paintballing today, and last Monday Hna Pastillo and I went to the mission home to help serve food during an activity for investigators

12/26/16 letter:
Hey!! I'm not really sure what to say seeing as we just spoke yesterday, but it was great to see you guys!! Sorry it was kind of short. The woman who let us use her computer had already let 2 other hermanas speak before, and when it got to my turn she has to leave. So she was literally standing behind the computer. pointing at her watch, and telling me she had to go. But, the good thing is that we can see each other in 3 weeks!
This week our zone went caroling in a plaza in the center of the city. I wasn't sure how well it would work out, but at the end there were a lot of people whom we spoke with that accepted return appointments.
Hna. Pastillo and I also saw a lot of tender mercies this week. A lot of people we contacted let us in, and we found some who have lots of interest. We also found some former investigators who are doing really well. If everyone makes it to church on time for the sacrament in the next two weeks, we have 3 people that will be baptized!
Anyway, I'm grateful that I saw all of you yesterday, and I hope you have a Happy New Year!!!
I know this it the Lord's church here on the Earth, and I will be forever grateful for the time I have to serve here in Bolivia, especially in the coming 3 weeks!
Love you guys!!
Hna. Rupp

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