Monday, September 21, 2015

Hola Familia! This week was "bien, no mas." All the people say that here. We always ask how people are doing and they respond "Ay, no mas" haha.  Bolivia is a funny place. Rainy season is just starting, so one day we were completely soaked, but generally the weather is really nice. It´s funny though because during the day, everyone complains about how horrible the sun is, but then as soon as it cools off a little around 5, they all put on sweaters and complain about how cold it is haha.

Whenever we´re tracting and we knock someone´s door, they say they're working and they don´t have time. So then we ask if we can help, and they say,"no, I actually just finished." Haha literally everyone says it, and it makes me laugh everytime.

Sometimes it´s kind of hard here because people don´t really introduce themselves or care who you are until they get to know you. Every time I introduce myself to someone new, they never tell me their name in return, and they pretty much ignore me and talk only to my companion. It really bothered me the first week, but I´ve now learned that if I jump into the conversation, they´re then really nice and inclusive. ...Usually.  I really love the people here, and I feel like I´m actually friends with a lot of them now. And when I can´t understand, I just play with their kids haha. Overall, the people are fairly receptive, and really nice when you get to know them. Our Bishop is super helpful and very invested in missionary work.

I´m trying to trust my trainer. Although our approaches could not be more different, we both like to work. And, by the time we return to our apartment at night, we´re laughing and get along great. Seriously, work is the cure for almost everything. She is super sweet, and we do get along well.

I hope you all have a great week, and I love you!
Hermana Rupp

 The view from the top of our apartment where we wash our clothes.

  Usually there´s a crazy windstorm one or two days a week, so that´s why we all look so fantastic.

One of our investigators went to hair school and wanted to practice.

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